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Wild Type Orange Swordtails $4.


May 13, 2017 · We’ve started working on adding three fancy fin types, lyretail, hifin, and plumetail to each of our commercial swordtail, maculatus, and variatus lines. Related products. 75B Rookwood Rd, Yagoona NSW 2199, Australia (02) 9793 8199.


. Lyretail is dominant allele (variant of a gene) that causes. Calico Red Eye Endler Guppy Group, Male.

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maculatus and X.

Calico Swordtail Xiphophorous helleri.

X10 Gold Panda Molly Fish Sml/Med 1" - 2" - Freshwater Fish Free Shipping $ 115. This incredible swordtail is a deluxe variety with intense coloration and elegant fin extensions! The Red Eye Blood Red Hi Fin Swordtail (Xiphophorus helleri) is a rather uncommon and deluxe swordtail variation that has bright red-orange coloration.

. Calico Swordtail.

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Swordtail – Assorted Swordtail Live-bearer Aquarium Fish.

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This species is a livebearer and is extremely easy to. . 53.

Wild Type Orange Swordtails $4. Tetra Fish. Located at 6629 Engle Rd. . The Celebes rainbowfish & x28;Marosatherina ladigesi& x29; is a species of sailfin silverside endemic to Sulawesi & x28;formerly known.

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X10 Red Sunset Sailfin Molly Sml/Med 1" - 2" - Freshwater Fish Free Shipping $ 125.


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Calico Swordtail.