Perform a self-exam after you take a bath or shower.

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. Blood tests for testicular cancer.


These help diagnose testicular cancer and monitor how well treatment works.

Chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy may also be advised depending on the exact type and stage of the cancer when diagnosed. . .

For those who decide to have prostate cancer tests, the general recommendation is to have a PSA blood test every 2 years from age 50 to age 69.

They examine you and might refer you for tests or to a testicular cancer specialist (urologist). . Researchers.

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The best time for you to examine your testicles is during or after a bath or shower, when the skin of the scrotum is relaxed.

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. Blood tests for testicular cancer Blood tests can check for proteins called tumour markers.

You usually start by seeing your GP if you have symptoms.
Testicular cancer is one of the few cancers associated with tumor markers.

Finding cancer early improves your chances of successful treatment and long-term survival.

Tests for testicular cancer.

Treatment often works well, even for testicular. (2) This test is not recommended as a screening procedure for cancer detection in the general population. Testicular cancer occurs in the testes, the two small organs in males that make sperm.

https://link. Consider doing. Not all testicular cancers are alike Pregnancy tests work by detecting human chorionic gonadotropin. Testicular cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of one or both testicles. .


Treatment involves surgery to remove the affected testis. g.

This article compares at-home cancer test kits, explains how they work, and gives examples of some kits available for sale.


Ultrasonography and blood tests are done.

Look and feel for any hard lumps or nodules.